Installation concepts of the artist’s work follow the intention of linking site-specific conditions to work which he usually does in the studio. Materials used may change according to conditions found on the site.

Art in the Coalmines / 2013

Initial Concept:
Eugen Liengme

Rosmarie and Karl Wandeler / Gallerie Schlüssel

Coalmines on the Lake of Zurich

This is a 100 m ritual walk underground from the dark into the distant light lined by the image of a single figure transforming - first by changing  colour and being mirrored and then by doubleing and overlaying the image - into an ambiguous and mystifying shape.

Art in the Recycling Plant / 2011

lighting in this room is linked to rhythmic grind of running industrial site , objects of plexiglas catch intermittent light.

recycling plant

Art in the Communal Water Plant 2016

Installation work in progress.

Activated carbon in the disused waterfilter pool is used for sketching out a figure.