Work and visuals


Icarus File

The legend of Ikarus inspires associations to conflicting and fragile conditions under which we continue to exist precariously in this rapidily heating up world of today.

I use charcoal on paper and ember on wood and natural resins and wax to explore shapes of the human figure which echoe some of the critical positions we are all experiencing.


This is a field of work in which I explore  different ways of change from physical form to digitalized appearance. What exactly do I do when I draw a figure on paper and then want to change it? And how exactly is this process different from what I do when I alter this same figure after I have digitalized it and start using graphic computer programs on it?

Original, or more explicit, physical work is shown next to its digitalized versions to visualize these changes and raise more questions in the way we use digital media.

Dance File

The human figure and its use in contemporary as well as in past periods of art is a main source of all of my concepts and plans to make pictures. The experimental use of mixed techniques and organic materials is another element of infinite challenge that forms my work in the studio every day.

Working with dancers and extending this field of work by going into performance came almost naturally.